Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chaturbate Launches New Site: Camgasm

Camgasm: New Camming Site Powered By Chaturbate

I’m still getting all the information on Camgasm, powered by Chaturbate, so this post will be updated as I know more about what’s going on. Chaturbate is putting a sister site with more of a private chat focused. This is different than Chaturbate, which has an emphasis on public chat.

Visit Camgasm : here

It’s A New Site, But Expect It To Ramp Up Quick!

Although Camgasm is a very new site, I can already see models going online. Because it’s a Chaturbate product, I also expect the network to ramp up very quickly. Chaturbate has a massive advertising war chest. They’ve also got some great brand recognition and a huge model, studio, webmaster and customer base. This makes them a highly qualified company to scale up and start new products.

Private vs Public Chatting

Private chat and public chat are two very different ballgames. Which type of chat is “better” is something that will vary from model to model. With public chat, you’re putting in facetime with more of your customers. This gets you more exposure which is useful for growing your customer base. It also enables you to accept tips from more than just one person.

Private chat is charged per minute. As long as the show is going, the model is getting paid. There also isn’t any freeloaders in private chat, which is something that many models like. Freeloaders is one major issue that many camming models have to deal with. In private chat, your shows are also less likely to get capped and pirated.

No Nudity In Public

One of the major features of Camgasm is that there is no nudity in public chat. Models can still perform in public, and receive tips, they just can’t get naked. There’s also no nudity allowed on the public profile or public images. Pasties and covering up a naked body is also not allowed. Lingerie and thongs are okay. Models can use sex toys, just no oral or penetration.